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Thailand reduces use of 1.5 billion plastic bags over past year
The Thai government’s waste-management policy has reduced the use of 1.5 billion plastic bags since August 17th last year, the country’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) reported.
Guizhou supports its development of innovation intelligent transport system
15:59 20/08/2019
(CPV) - ADB has approved a USD199.46 million loan to support the development of an innovative intelligent transport system to reduce pollution, cut traffic congestion, and improve transport safety in Gui’an, a fast-growing new city of Guizhou Province. The project will be a pilot for other cities demonstrating integrated smart transport development.
Thailand expects economic growth of over 3 percent this year
11:33 19/08/2019
The economic cabinet of Thailand remains optimistic that the country’s economic growth will exceed 3 percent this year despite the sluggish global outlook.
Sri Lanka mordenizes its railway sector
11:21 19/08/2019
(CPV) - ADB has approved a USD160 million loan to modernize the operations and improve the efficiency of Sri Lanka Railways, the country’s railway operator, by upgrading its infrastructure and technical capacity. This is ADB’s first loan in Sri Lanka’s railway sector.
Thailand improves quality of street food to boost tourism
14:45 18/08/2019
Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health on August 16th pledged to improve the quality of street food to boost tourism and economic growth.
Thailand launches artificial rain-making operations to tackle drought
14:45 18/08/2019
The Government of Thailand on August 16th launched additional rain-making operations in the northern, northeastern and central regions to tackle serious droughts.
Singapore: Investment in fintechs surges
14:45 18/08/2019
Investment in Singapore’s financial technology companies in the first half of 2019 has quadrupled from a year ago to USD453 million, according to a recent report of consulting company Accenture.
Malaysia serves 78.2 mln domestic tourists last year
14:44 18/08/2019
Malaysian Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Mohamaddin Ketapi said on August 15th that the country served 78.2 million domestic tourists last year, up nearly 11 percent year-on-year.
Four major Thai banks cut loan interest rates to spur economy
15:12 16/08/2019
Four major banks of Thailand have decided to cut their minimum retail rate (MRR) by 0.25 percentage point to help lower financial costs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), increase their competitiveness and support the Thai economy.
Indonesia bans activities around Volcano Merapi
11:05 15/08/2019
Indonesian authorities have banned residents and trekkers from doing activities within 3km from the summit of Mount Merapi, as the volcano located between Central Java and Yogyakarta provinces spewed hot lava on August 14th.