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Le Pen steps down as National Front Party leader
French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has announced that she is temporarily stepping down as head of her National Front Party.
Xi Jinping calls Donald Trump over nuclear weapons
06:04 14/04/2017
On April 12th, Chinese President Xi Jinping has told President Donald Trump in a phone call that Beijing is willing to work with Washington on ending Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s nuclear weapons program.
Cambodia-China trade reaches USD4.8 billion
11:31 13/04/2017
Two-way trade between Cambodia and China was valued at USD4.8 billion in 2016, up USD200 million from a year ago.
Afghanistan develops its transport infrastructure
11:23 13/04/2017
(CPV) - ADB and the Government of Afghanistan unveiled a comprehensive Transport Sector Master Plan Update on April 11th 2017 that will help Afghanistan develop its transport infrastructure covering roads, railways, civil aviation, urban transport, trade logistics, and other related operations.
Cambodia calls for Philippine investment in rice production
19:43 12/04/2017
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said he had proposed Philippine President Rodirgo Duterte to invest more in rice production in Cambodia.
Lao PDR's economic growth is picking up in 2017 and 2018
19:38 12/04/2017
Economic growth is picking up in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s (Lao PDR) in 2017 and 2018, supported by the expansion of production and sales of electricity, a buoyant services sector growth, and construction of the cross-border railway project, says a new ADB report released on April 6th 2017.
Thailand ready for changes in US’ trade policy
19:33 12/04/2017
Representatives of Thailand’s banking, trade and production have convened for a meeting to discuss issues related to trade with the US, after a list of 16 countries and territories running a large trade surplus with the US was announced.
New York Times wins 3 Pulitzers Prizes
16:47 11/04/2017
The New York Times won three Pulitzer Prizes, the most prestigious awards in US journalism, at Columbia University in New York.
Kevin Hassett nominated as Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers
08:56 11/04/2017
President Donald Trump has announced he would nominate Mr. Kevin Hassett as Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers.
Three strong earthquakes hit Philippines
17:05 10/04/2017
Three earthquakes have caused landslides and building damage in the Philippines, although no injuries were reported.