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Deadly storm Friederike hits Western Europe
At least nine people in two countries have died as the deadly storm swept across Western Europe including Germany and the Netherlands.
Wouter Van Wersch appointed President & CEO of GE APAC
14:22 10/01/2018
(CPV) - General Electric (GE) has announced the appointment of Wouter Van Wersch as President & CEO of the newly created APAC (Asia Pacific) region (based in Singapore).
Thailand expects to export 9.5 million tonnes of rice in 2018
09:53 10/01/2018
The Thai Ministry of Agriculture has forecast that the country will export 9.5 million tonnes of rice in 2018, lower than 11.3 million tonnes in 2017 due to low stockpile and modest production caused by heavy rains.
ADB launches instagram photo contest on development progress in GMS
09:50 10/01/2018
ADB launched a photo contest on January 8th 2018 on Instagram to showcase the development progress in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) and demonstrate how a focus on increased regional cooperation and integration can improve people’s lives.
Brandon Lewis appointed as Britain's Conservative Party Chairman
20:42 09/01/2018
British PM Theresa May has appointed Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis as the new Conservative Party Chairman.
Egypt sets Presidential election date
20:27 09/01/2018
The National Election Commission (NEC) announced on January 8th that Egypt’s presidential election will take place on March 26th - 28th.
Trump Tower fire injures three people
20:27 09/01/2018
Two civilians and one firefighter were injured after a fire broke out on the roof of Trump Tower on January 8th, which is owned by US President Donald Trump, in New York city.
PM Abe welcomes Intra-Korean talks
20:26 08/01/2018
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on January 7th welcomed the intra-Korean talks on Pyongyang's participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics, but warned that "dialogue for the sake of dialogue is meaningless".
France marks third anniversary of Charlie Hebdo attack
20:18 08/01/2018
French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on January 7th laid a wreath outside the former office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo to mark the third anniversary of two attacks by Islamic extremists.
French President Emmanuel Macron visits China
19:33 07/01/2018
Elysee Palace said President Emmanuel Macron on January 7th left Paris for his official visit to China for talks aimed at boosting the global influence of both countries and forging closer ties with the European Union.