“The breadth and depth of investor sponsorship enjoyed by ADB was demonstrated by the achievement of a sizeable order book. This high level of support which enabled ADB to tighten the price guidance against a volatile market backdrop highlights the high regard for ADB’s credit and development mandate,” said ADB Treasurer Mr. Pierre Van Peteghem.

The 3-year bond, with a coupon rate of 1.875% per annum payable semi-annually and a maturity date of July 19th 2022, was priced at 99.898% to yield 7.75 basis points over the 1.75% US Treasury notes due June 2022.

The transaction was lead-managed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Citi, and TD Securities. A syndicate group was also formed consisting of Commerzbank, DBS, Deutsche Bank, DNB Bank, and Nordea Bank.

With more than 75 investors taking part, the issue achieved wide primary market distribution with 59% of the bonds placed in Asia; 24% in the Americas; and 17% in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. By investor type, 71% of the bonds went to central banks and official institutions, 21% to banks, and 8% to fund managers and other types of investors.

ADB plans to raise around USD21 billion from the capital markets in 2019./.

Khac Kien