Newly-elected Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Source: VNA)

Mr. Obrador won the presidential race in July with over 50% of the vote, an historic landslide victory that has not been seen since the end of "one-party rule" almost 20 years ago. He now holds the majority in Congress.

In his inaugural address, the President promised a “peaceful and orderly transition, but one that is deep and radical ... because we will end the corruption and impunity that prevent Mexico’s rebirth.”

“I promise, and I’m a man of my word, that the investments of foreign and international investors will be safe, and we will even create conditions that will allow them to get good returns,” he said.

The 65-year-old political veteran has also vowed to transform Mexico and reboot the country’s sluggish economy. A left-leaning populist, he has said that he intends to build more state-owned oil refineries and encourage Mexicans to consume more domestic products during his administration./.

Compiled by BTA