British PM Theresa May visits China (Source: AFP)

Downing Street said the visit will “intensify the 'golden era' in UK-China relations”, a phrase often used by Mr. David Cameron and Mr. George Osborne dating from President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK in 2015.

PM May, accompanied by 50 representatives from businesses and trade groups, leads a government that hopes to strike new trade deals following its planned departure from the EU.

“The depth of our relationship means we can have frank discussions on all issues,” the PM said, “There are huge trade opportunities in China that we want to help British businesses take advantage of”.

On the visit, PM Theresa May and Chinese PM Li Keqiang signed a series of international cooperation agreements covering trade, investments, and people-to-people exchanges. British exports are up 60% since 2010 and China is expected to be one of the UK's biggest foreign investors by 2020./.

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