Mr. Chung Eui-yong, the National Security Advisor for the President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in (Photo: Reuters)

Mr. Xi expressed appreciation toward President Moon for sending Mr. Chung as a special envoy to brief him on Chung's recent visits to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the US.

"We expect a smooth DPRK-RoK summit and DPRK-US dialogue," Mr. Xi said, expressing his hope that there will be substantial progress in denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and normalization of relations between the parties.

For his part, Mr. Chung thanked Xi for his "big role" in the diplomatic process that has set up a historic summit between Presidents Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Mr. Chung Eui-yong returned on March 11th from a visit to the US, where an invitation was delivered to President Donald Trump from DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, for dialogue on the latter's nuclear program.

The White House confirmed on March 8th that US President Donald Trump has accepted an invitation from DPRK’s leader, Kim Jong-un, to hold an unprecedented summit meeting to reach an agreement on nuclear disarmament./.

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