DPRK’s leader Kim Jong-un (Source: Yonhap/VNA)

In an English-language report, the KCNA said Mr. Kim Jong-un received a message from Trump via US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, adding that the leader accepted President Donald Trump's request that three detained U.S. citizens be released.

"The coming DPRK - US summit would be a historic meeting and an excellent first step toward promotion of the positive situation development in the Korean peninsula and building of a good future," KCNA quoted Mr. Kim Jong-un as telling Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Earlier, President Donald Trump accepted an invitation from the DPRK’s leader to hold an unprecedented summit meeting to reach an agreement on nuclear disarmament.

Republic of Korea (RoK)’s President Moon Jae-in said this meeting would be a "historical milestone" that will put the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula "really on track".

The US and the DPRK’s leaders are likely to meet in Singapore in mid-June, according to RoK's media reports, as tensions ease on the Korean Peninsula following the first inter-Korean summit in over a decade./.

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