Photo for illustration (Source: LatinLive)

While people around the world are jubilantly celebrating the New Year 2020 with a spirit of excitement and joy, Peru has a very different tradition: solving all the problems before the New Year by fist.

During the festival, everyone from old to young, boy or girl, gathers at the bullfighting ground. Each pair scuffling each other is witnessed by a supervisor as the referee. Participants scuffle with each other amidst exciting music.

Some participants may be left with a minor injury after the scuffling, but no one will consider it as "hatred". The most interesting point is the spirit of each scuffling. The scuffling ends, the two opponents will give each other a friendly hug to reconcile, "erase" all the faults of the old year.

The Takanakuy festival doesn’t show violent tendencies. For people in some parts of Peru, this is an important traditional beauty in their cultural heritage.

After a few blows, they left all the rage behind to become good friends. They said that this is a simple but effective way to get rid of negative energy./.