German Justice Minister Heiko Mass (Source: AFP/VNA)

The decision was made by the Social Democratic Party's (SPD) leadership, Gabriel said, adding that he was told of the decision late on March 7th.

If confirmed, Mr. Maas would replace Mr. Sigmar Gabriel in the role.

Sigmar Gabriel, said earlier he would not be a member of the new government. 

The SPD will have six Cabinet positions as it reprises its role as junior partner to Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. The SPD leadership will officially announce the list on March 9th.

The current Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel will soon complete his term of office. Heiko Maas has served as the Justice Minister since 2013.

Mr. Heiko Mass, 52, previously was Minister of the Environment, Energy and Transport of Saarland (1998 - 1999) and Deputy Minister - President of the Saarland and Minister of Economy, Labor, Energy and Transport (2012- 2013) while being the leader of the SPD group in the Landtag of Saarland (1999- 2013)./.

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