Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

"We have won," Mr. Viktor Orban told cheering supporters after preliminary results were released. "Hungary has won a great victory."

"Dear friends, there's a big battle behind us, we secured a historic victory, we got a chance, we created a chance for us to defend Hungary," he added.

With more than 95.1 percent of votes counted, his Fidesz Party has won 48.86 percent of the vote, the National Election Office said, putting the 55-year-old Prime Minister on track for a third consecutive term in office.

Hungary's Nationalist Jobbik party came in a distant second with roughly 20 percent of the vote and the Socialist Party received 12 percent. Two other parties, the Democratic Coalition and the green Politics Can Be Different, are expected to surpass the five percent threshold and will join the legislative body.

The Parliamentary elections in Hungary were closely monitored across Europe. Final election results are expected by April 27th./.

Compiled by BTA