Most new cases are immigrant workers living in dormitories. The island state with a 5.7 million population now has the highest number of infections in Southeast Asia.

Illustrative image (Photo: AFP)

Also in the past 24 hours, Indonesia recorded additional 436 infections, a record in a day, and 42 fatalities.

The country has so far posted 8,211 cases, including 689 deaths.

The same day, the Philippine Health Ministry announced 211 more infections and 15 deaths, raising the total to 7,192 and 477, respectively.

In Malaysia, 88 infections and one death on April 24th raised the total in the country to 5,691 and 96, respectively.

Meanwhile in Thailand, the total has risen to 2,854 infection cases and 50 deaths.

Cambodia announced 122 infections, with the most recent ones discovered on April 12th. Up to 110 have fully recovered./.