New Prime Minister Marijan Sarec (central) (Photo: Getty Images)

Forty-five deputies in the 90-seat parliament voted for the new cabinet, 34 were against, while 11 abstained from the vote or were absent.

This is the Slovenia's 13th government since independence, the first minority cabinet to date.

The cabinet, which was formed more than three months after the election, includes two former Prime Ministers, Miro Cerar and Alenka Bratusek, four former ministers and three former state secretaries. Only four of the 16 ministers are women.

Marjan Sarec, born in 1977, is a Slovenian politician and actor. He started his career as a comedian and political satirist, but later entered politics. He was twice elected mayor of Kamnik, ran in the presidential election in 2017 (narrowly losing to the incumbent President Borut Pahor in the run-off), and entered the Parliament in general election in 2018. On August 17th, 2018, he was elected Prime Minister of Slovenia./.

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