Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban (Source: AFP/VNA)

Earlier, Hungary’s Parliament elected Prime Minister Viktor Orban to his third consecutive term and fourth overall term in office.

Orban's Fidesz party and a small ally won 133 of 199 seats in the legislature on April 8th, a super-majority which will allow them to amend the Constitution unchallenged.

Mr. Orban took an oath in front of the historical flags of Hungary. After taking the oath of office, he told deputies that the April election result reinforced the changes implemented since 2010.

In his speech, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, "My government is based on a majority of two-thirds, but I will work for the three-thirds."

"Now we have the chance to start new and big things, everything is together for executing big plans: international prestige, experience, self-confidence, life force," he added./.

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