At the first session of the 15th NA (Photo: CPV)

Under the session’s Resolution, the NA affirmed that the entire political system, armed forces, people and business community join efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, curb the COVID-19 pandemic and fulfill socio-economic development and State budget tasks.

Amid the complicated developments of the pandemic, the NA asked the Government, PM, ministries, agencies and localities to actively grasp realities, continue adopting more drastic and effective measures to control the outbreak, cut the costs of conferences and domestic and foreign working trips by ministries, agencies and localities by at least half, and reduce this year’s regular spending by additional 10%.

Agreeing with the Government’s and Prime Minister’s recent active measures to fight COVID-19, the NA assigned the Government and the Prime Minister to realize urgent measures, including deciding on restricting vehicles and asking residents not to get out of residential areas in a certain period of time.

The NA agreed to transfer the remaining capital for health spending in 2020 worth VND1.237 trillion to buy COVID-19 vaccines, while giving priority to use the State budget and other legal resources for COVID-19 prevention, and carry out vaccination work well to promptly achieve herd immunity.

The NA also asked the Government to ensure social security, employment, health care and life of the people, especially revolutionary contributors, policy families, the poor, women, children, the elderly, people with disabilities, vulnerable people and frontline forces against the pandemic./.

Compiled by BTA