AstraZeneca vaccine is given to people in Ho Chi Minh City, June 2021. (Photo: VnExpress)

The AstraZeneca vaccine purchased from the Hungarian Government will be applied according to the form of contractor selection in special cases, specified in Article 26 of the Bidding Law.

In the Resolution, the Government agreed that the amount of vaccines purchased, imported, received, and sponsored in 2021 will exceed those prescribed in its Resolution 21/NQ-CP dated February 26, 2020. The total amount of vaccine doses prescribed in Resolution 21 is around 150 million.

The Government also requested the Ministry of Health speed up effective procurement of the vaccine from Hungary to ensure its quality.

At the end of September, the Government decided to spend more than VND3.231 trillion to buy and receive 20 million doses of Vero Cell vaccine from Sinopharm (China) and over VND742 billion to buy and transport 5 million doses of Cuba's Abdala vaccine. This amount is taken from the Vaccine Fund and VND1.237 billion will be transferred from the remaining health care funding in 2020 of the Ministry of Health.

As of October 6, 52.2 million doses of vaccines of all kinds have been shipped to Vietnam. The total number of people vaccinated is 35.9 million, of which 23.7 million people have one dose, and 12.2 million have two doses.

AstraZeneca is one of 8 COVID-19 vaccines that are urgently licensed by the Ministry of Health to be used in the COVID-19 vaccination and prevention program in Vietnam. Up to now, 26 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine have been imported, accounting for 37.8% of the total vaccine volume received by Vietnam./.

Compiled by BTA