Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son (Photo: VGP)

Talking in a group of National Assembly deputies on October 21, deputy Bui Thanh Son, Minister of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that the way of preventing the pandemic shifting to adaptation to the pandemic and safely restoring socio-economic activities is very right.

According to Minister Son, this is the time to reform the business environment and administrative procedures to perfect the mechanism. Therefore, it is necessary to closely follow and perfect the institutions of land, capital, labor, science and technology, digital economy, and green circular economy. “It is necessary to mobilize external resources, and continue to improve the business investment environment to attract foreign investment,” he added.

Regarding foreign affairs, he said that Vietnam had donated masks to the UK and the US. All countries thanked Vietnam for supporting them in the most difficult times, and now they are ready to help Vietnam with the vaccine. “With European countries, we support them with masks, so Poland donated 500,000 doses of vaccine to Vietnam; Romania sold 5 million doses to Vietnam at a low price,” he noted. “It is our international gesture to our friends and vice versa.”

He went on to say that for India, Vietnam also immediately donated masks when it needed them. “When we suffered from a severe pandemic, India used military ships to bring oxygen tanks to support Ho Chi Minh City immediately,” he said, confirming that in difficulties, the image and prestige of Vietnam is shown more and more./.

Compiled by BTA