Laos posts record trade surplus of 1 billion USD in 2021

Wednesday, 09/02/2022 00:10
Laos enjoyed a trade surplus of 1 billion USD in 2021, according to the Lao Ministry of Industry and Trade.
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The ministry reported that the import-export value of Laos hit 13 billion USD last year, excluding the revenue from electricity exports. The Southeast Asian nation earned 7 billion from exports, while spending about 6 billion USD on imports.

Major exports of Laos included gold ore and bullion, paper and paper products, wood pulp and paper scraps, rubber, cassava, iron ore, banana, garments, electrical appliances, fertilizers, and footwear.

China was one of the five biggest export markets of Laos with value totaling 2.2 billion USD, followed by Thailand (2.1 billion USD), Vietnam (1.2 billion USD), Australia (348 million USD) and Switzerland (116 million USD).

Meanwhile, Lao mainly imported goods from Thailand (3 billion USD), China (1.2 billion USD), Vietnam (499 million USD), the US (250 million USD), and Japan (148 million USD)./. 

CPV (Source:VNA)