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The information has been released by the northern Bac Ninh Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Typical cultural heritages selected to produce science documentary films must meet the following criteria: Being cultural heritage (tangible or intangible) in Bac Ninh province; having historical, cultural and scientific values, showing the cultural identity of Bac Ninh - Kinh Bac; constantly recreated and passed down from generation to generation in the form of word of mouth, craft, performance and others; representing and expressing the identity of the community and locality; and reflecting the cultural diversity and creativity of people, which is continued through generations, can be restored and preserved for a long time.

The film will be popularized on Vietnam Television, Bac Ninh Radio and Television (BTV), Bac Ninh Province Portal; website of Bac Ninh Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Fanpage Bac Ninh Portal, Fangape Bac Ninh Radio and Television. Bac Ninh Museum, Bac Ninh Cultural Heritage and Youtube of Bac Ninh Radio and Television./.

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