Efforts to preserve and promote Bac Ninh Quan Ho folk singing

Wednesday, 12/08/2020 06:31
Being proud of the origin of the Bac Ninh Quan Ho folk folk singing with 31 out 44 original Quan Ho villages and many Quan ho practice villages, over the past years, Bac Ninh city has constantly strived to preserve and promote the heritage value.
Quan ho folk singing performance (Source: toquoc.vn)

The locality has paid attention to teaching and reinstating the traditional performance space, disseminating  the folk singing, preserving and promoting the arts.

The most identified important task is to diversify the form of popularization of the heritage. Therefore, the city built Quan Ho cultural logos, travel handbooks, leaflets; organized exchanges and the arts performances; had a special page and column on Quan Ho culture on the website of the city Party Committee and the city Radio Station; produced and broadcast Quan ho folk singing performance every quarter.

The city is also interested in expanding the forms of teaching at 31 original Quan ho villages and Quan ho clubs; maintaining  the teaching of the folk singing for students at all levels; opening Quan Ho singing classes for cadres, employees, community workers and grassroots music clubs.

The city also directs localities to strengthen the management, guidance and create conditions for the units and cultural clubs to organize a variety of activities for the cultural heritage preservation. Every year, each precinct develop one or two Quan ho clubs, striving for the whole city to have about 40 Quan ho clubs by 2025; continue to maintain exchange activities between Quan ho villages, organize Quan ho singing festivals and Quan ho singing performances on boat.

To create a performance space, expand the environment for heritage practice, the city strives that all original Quan Ho village have land fund for Quan ho performance house by 2025. Each year, at least one Quan ho performance house will be built with adequate facilities and equipments. In the near future, investment will be focused on construction in Hoa Long, Van An, Kinh Bac, Vu Ninh, Vo Cuong, Khac Niem, Khuc Xuyen and Phong Khe wards. For neighborhoods and inter-quarters, especially localities that have original Quan villages and Quan ho practice villages, strive to expand the investment in building community living spaces associated with Quan ho cultural symbols and Bac Ninh culture./.

Compiled by BTA