116 international and Vietnamese artists participate in Hue International Photography Festival 2023

Tuesday, 12/09/2023 16:48
97 international artists from countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Sri Lanka, along with 19 artists from localities throughout Vietnam have participated in Hue International Photography Festival 2023.
At the Hue International Photography Festival 2023, nature, landscape and heritage of Hue are the subjects and sources of creative inspiration for artists. (Source: https://khamphahue.com.vn)

The event is being held by the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and the Crossing Bridge 20Plus.

Diverse activities, including a visit to explore Hue heritages, a volunteer day for children, as well as a seminar running with the theme of "Future World Art Photo Trends”, were held during the event.

Furthermore, a photo contest "Discovering Hue heritages” will be organised at the event under the sponsorship of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists. After being displayed at the exhibition, all winning photos will be presented to the Hue Monuments Conservation Center.

The event will run through to September 15./.

Compiled by BTA