2022 Japanese Film Festival in Vietnam to take place in four major cities

Wednesday, 12/10/2022 14:15
According to the Japan Foundation Centre for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, the 2022 Japanese Film Festival in Vietnam will take place from October 21 to November 27 in four major cities, including Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.
2022 Japanese Film Festival in Vietnam to take place in four major cities 

The latest films produced and released in Japan, over the past two years will be screened during the event.

The films were made with many different topics and genres, depicting the colourful life of the Japanese people, as well as showing the boundless creativity and the unique worldview of filmmakers throughout "the land of cherry blossoms".

The anime films are “Poupelle of Chimeney Town” (the anime by Yusuke Hirota), “Blue thermal” (by Masaki Tachibana) and “Inu-Oh” (by Masaaki Yuasa), reported NDO.

There will be films of the drama genre, including “And So The Baton Is Passed” (by Tetsu Maeda), “In the wake” (by Takahisa Zeze) and “Intolerance” (by Yoshida Keisuke).

Audiences will have the chance to enjoy films on boxing and live action, including “Blue” (by Yoshida Keisuke) and “Anime Supremacy!” (by Yoshino Kohei), respectively.

The screenings will take place in Ho Chi Minh City (October 21-30), Hai Phong (November 4-6), Hanoi (November 11-20) and Da Nang (November 25-27)./.