Resolution on building and developing culture and people of Bac Ninh until 2030 issued

Tuesday, 13/09/2022 11:05
The overall goal of the Resolution on building and developing culture and people of Bac Ninh until 2030 is to build the culture and people of Bac Ninh to develop comprehensively, towards truth, goodness and beauty, and imbued with the national spirit and homeland identity.
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The northern Bac Ninh Provincial Party Committee has just issued Resolution 71-NQ/TU dated August 29, 2022 on building and developing the culture and people in Bac Ninh until 2030 to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

In 2022, Party committees at all levels will complete the development of action plans, plans and projects to implement the Resolution.

Some notable specific objectives are: To ensure that 100% of households are provided with information, knowledge on culture and behavior, skills in education, ethics, lifestyle, fine traditions of the nation, locality, value system of tradition and modernity; strive for each district and city to have at least 5% of typical cultural residential areas; to build an exhibition center and attract investment to a cinema of international standard; over 50% of districts and cities having Children's Cultural Houses; and 100% of industrial parks having land fund planning to build cultural and sports institutions.

Strive to have 1-2 intangible cultural heritages registered by UNESCO; 80% of the heritages in the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage have developed programs for conservation and promotion of values; 70% of the original Quan Ho villages invested to restore the Quan Ho practice house; 100% of special national monuments complete the renovation and embellishment according to the approved planning; 100% digitalization of tangible, intangible cultural heritage and documentary heritage registered by UNESCO, special national monuments, national monuments.

The festival on Quan ho folk singing will be held every two years and four years. The provincial mass art festival will be held every three years./.