Photo series "Inside the gymnastics training area 
in Hai Phong city" (Luong Viet Son Tung) - Gold medal.

Of which, the 19 best works have been selected for awards, including 16 awards in the category of Realistic Photos, and 3 in the category of Conceptual Photos. Specifically, the arts council awarded one gold medal, four silver medals, five bronze medals and nine consolation prizes.

"Journey to find a smile" (Nguyen Huu Thong) - Silver medal.

“Zen” (Luu Thanh Dat) - Silver medal.

Works depict the impressive and vivid expression on the issues of contemporary life; beauty of people, culture and the landscape of the country; as well as the thoughts, opinions, ideas of young cameramen.

The field hospital is ready for combat” (Nguyen Dang Giang) - Silver medal.

The festival is held by the Department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibitions under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It is an opportunity for young photographers to share their interests and needs to create and publish works.

"The moment of rescuing the crew members from the ship in distress"
(Nong Viet Linh) - Silver medal.

Throughout its three previous iterations (2015, 2017 and 2019), the Young Photography Festival has received the support and participation of a large number of young photographers. In 2021, after more than three months, the organising board had received 1,895 works from 270 authors from 57 provinces and cities nationwide./.