Exhibition of books and publications marks 67th anniversary of the capital liberation
(Source: hanoi.gov.vn)

The exhibition is also held online at Thuvienhanoi.org.vn. It features the history, civilisation, and glorious heroic tradition of the city as well as the outstanding achievements of Hanoi. It helps the public have a better understanding of the historical and cultural traditions, the thousand-year-old heroic city, the prospects and achievements of Hanoi capital.

The exhibition focuses on five main contents including the leadership of the Party and President Ho Chi Minh in the resistance war against the French colonialists; Hanoi and the day the nation launched its resistance against the French; the Vietnamese people's resistance war against the French; Hanoi capital – the glorious liberation day; Hanoi - The capital of a thousand years of civilisation and heroes and the City for Peace.

On this occasion, the winners of the Hanoi Reading Culture Ambassador Contest, which aims to inspire and spread the passion for reading at schools and in the community, were announced. The contest has attracted 22,705 written entries and 417 videos from students of 293 schools in the city./.