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Among the iconic plays to be performed this week will be “Mot chen thuoc doc” (A Cup of Poison) composed by author Vu Dinh Long and directed by Bui Nhu Lai.

VNA reported that on October 21, 1921, the famous three-act play was first performed at the Hanoi Opera House. This event is considered the starting point for dramatic art in Vietnam.

Other plays include “Nguoi tot o nha so 5” (Good man at house No.5), “Ai la thu pham” (Who is the perpetrator).

Alongsise, many activities will be held during the week, including a conference on 100 years of formation and development of Vietnamese drama art and future orientations, and a gala night gathering drama artists across the country.

A scene in the play "Ngoi nha trong thanh pho" (The house in the city) (Photo: Hanoi Drama Theater)

People’s artist Trinh Thuy Mui, Chairwoman of the Vietnamese Theatre Artists’ Association said that the commemoration week aims to give a chance for Vietnamese stage artists and drama artists in particular to review the past 100-year path and affirm their efforts to overcome difficulties to promote the development of Vietnamese drama art.

Due to COVID-19 impacts, the Hanoi Opera House will receive the number of audience equivalent to 50 percent of its capacity. Audience must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and wear masks throughout the plays, while implementing the 5K message./.