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The Embassy of Israel in Vietnam once again has the honor to introduce to the Vietnamese audience six outstanding Israeli films of various genres, including art films, entertainment, drama, a children film and a short film. Admission is free and requires collecting the ticket in advance.

The Festival’s movies were selected carefully with the aim to bring to the Vietnamese audience a true perspective on Israeli culture, life, and society. The films focus on humanism, reflecting family’s love, the desire to live and achieve, as well as efforts to find love despite considerable differences. Three films Shoelaces, The Farewell party, Apples from the desert and short film The Average Story all won Israeli Academy Awards or other international Jewish film festivals’ awards.

The Film Festival will especially reserve a screening for students of Hanoi SOS Village as a present to the children on the weekend holiday.

Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E. Nadav Eshcar says, “I strongly believe that cinema is like a window to the soul of a society. I invite our Vietnamese friends to look through this window, deep into the Israeli soul. I invite them to get to know us better.”

Alongside the screenings, we will conduct a review contest and a mini-game via email and Facebook page "Israel tại Việt Nam", giving out rewards from Israel and BHD Star Cineplex./.

Khac Kien