Photo for illustration (Source: CPV)

The program will draw the participation of folk artists who have coordinated with the museum in preserving the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival for many years. This will also be an opportunity to honor the artisans who have preserved and taught about traditional folk toys.

Folk artisans will introduce to visitors, especially children, how to make their own traditional Mid-Autumn toys through a number of activities such as making star lamps, lanterns, paper mask, molded fruit and paper flowers; creating a leaf toy; listening to stories of Mid-Autumn paintings. This will educate the young generation to cherish and preserve the traditional cultural features.

In addition, the children are also allowed to participate in many unique folk games such as playing volleyball, jumping rope, tug of war, walking on stilts, throwing rings; and visit culinary stalls to make green rice and mid-autumn cakes./.

Compiled by BTA