The festival has important meaning in the spiritual life of the Kho Mu, contributing to cultural diversity of the community of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Kho Mu ethnic people have introduced the festival at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi as part of October activities.

A season praying ritual of the Kho Mu is held for many families in the same shifting cultivation area or the whole village depending on the annual cultivation conditions. Normally, after planting rice plants by hand, Kho Mu people conduct the ceremony to show their respect to the gods.

On the appointed day, early in the morning, the hosts and the villagers gather in the upland area
to arrange offerings, light beeswax candles, pour wine and perform traditional rituals.

Traditional offerings in the festival

The host of the ceremony recited a vow inviting the gods to receive offerings, helping the people with good crops.

People re-enact the ritual of agricultural cultivation during the festival.

Rituals in the communal house in the festival’s framework


After the rituals, diverse cultural activities take place

Kho Mu ethnic people enjoy their traditional dances.(Photos by The Duong)

Compiled by BTA