Seminar on press with task protecting Party’s ideological foundation

This would help further raising the awareness and responsibility of the press agencies in the struggle against wrong and hostile views, contributing to protecting the Party’s ideological foundation.

On October 27, the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Online Newspaper and the Press Department under the CPV Central Committee’s Commission for Popularization and Education co-hosted a scientific seminar in Hanoi on the press with the task of protecting the Party’s ideological foundation.

Speaking at the event, Secretary of the CPV Central Committee and head of the CPV Central Committee Commission of Popularization and Education Nguyen Trong Nghia affirmed that Vietnam has so far initially controlled the COVID-19 pandemic, which was attributable by information and communication work by the press.

He also hailed the sector for fulfilling assigned tasks and staying active in disseminating the Party and State’s policies and guidelines as well as guiding public opinion.

The Vietnamese revolutionary press has been really a frontline force that actively protected the Party’s ideological foundation, promptly fought wrongful and hostile thoughts, fabricated and slanderous information that caused internal division and disunity in the Party and society, as well as honoured individuals who accomplished their mission on the ideological front, he said.

Nghia asked the sector to renew dissemination ways and increase mainstream information to drive back malicious ones on cyberspace.

It was also required to diversify and improve the quality of information and use multimedia tools to deliver what it wants to popularise, focusing on theoretical and practical issues on building socialism in Vietnam and renovation achievements.

Press agencies need to pay further attention to popularising Party building and rectification, he said, adding that protecting the CPV’s ideological foundation and fighting wrongful and hostile allegations are the top important task of the entire political system, requiring close and effective collaboration between the commission and relevant agencies, with the press as a vanguard force in the work.

Nearly 50 reports at the event offered an insight into the task and suggested measures to improve its efficiency in press agencies./.