Hoi An ancient town (Source: vntrip.vn)

The plan sets out specific objectives, including: Protecting the heritage against factors affecting development, environment, natural disasters, tourism and people living in the heritage areas with potential impacts on long–term protection of outstanding values of the global heritage; ensuring the provisions on the protection of inherent architectural works and ecological landscapes of Hoi An ancient town; evaluating specifically and effectively the heritage management system, which clarifies the advantages and limitations to develop a management plan to ensure strategic, long-term effectiveness, and identify heritage preservation in the next period; proposing mechanisms and policies on heritage management and conservation;  and improving the responsibility of people and authorities at all levels in preserving and promoting the values of the heritage and ensuring sustainable development.

From 2020 to 2025, the plan focuses on seven groups of solutions including anti-flood measures in the ancient town; preventing erosion and landslides; Developing street landscapes towards sustainable development; Preserving ancient constructions; Preserving and promoting intangible cultural values; Making urban plan of heritage areas and developing traditional villages; and human resources for heritage conservation.

Specific action plans for the 2026-2030 period will be made in accordance with the goals and long-term strategies for management./.

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