Therefore, Tay people, who live in Thai Hai EcoTourism Zone, My Hao hamlet, Thinh Duc commune, Thai Nguyen City, always celebrate this holiday on October 10th (Lunar Calendar) every year.

Before the ceremony, everyone in the village together prepares a ceremony to worship gods and ancestors with products skillfully processed by Tay women such as: five-color sticky rice, pork…
Men in the village prepare and arrange the offerings to worship ancestors.
The village head, who is also the shaman, respected by the people in the village, offers incense to the gods and ancestors.
The ancient “Then” tune of the Tay people in Thai Hai Eco-Stilt House Village is played to pray for peace and luck for all members of the village and people attending the Harvest Festival.
More than 50 Lao international students in Thai Nguyen also participated in the festival with the traditional Lam Vong dance.
Thai Hai Eco-Stilt House Village currently has about 200 people, including some families with 3 to 4 generations living in 34 traditional stilt houses of the Tay ethnic group.
A large number of tourists immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of Thai Hai Harvest Festival.