A photo entitled “90-year-old shoemaker” taken by Viet Van
wins a bag medal during the PX3 Paris Photography Prize 2021.

The contest aims to connect photographic talents with the artist community in Paris, France. Thousands of photos were submitted to the contest from photographers from over 100 countries. The jury consists of experts, art directors, creative directors from galleries, leading media groups of the photography industry from National Geographic, Truth, American Photography (USA), Paris Match (France), Yangon Photo Festival (France) and especially photography legend Steve Mc Curry (USA).

The photo "90-year-old shoemaker” depicts Trinh Ngoc, a shoemaker based in Ho Chi Minh City who is still working at the age of 90. Ngoc is notable for making shoes for the Cambodian Royal Family, from the Queen to Prince Sihanouk, along with many famous Vietnamese singers.

In a chat with photographer Viet Van, the shoemaker said, “My life is very simple, I just think: If you create joy for others, you will receive double happiness.”

The PX3 Paris Photography Prize 2021 was launched back in June and has so far received thousands of entries from photographers in over 100 countries globally.

The judges of the competitions include experts from a range of renowned photography organisations, such as National Geographic Society of the United States and Paris Match of France./.