Night tour to Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam opens

Monday, 23/10/2023 18:30
A pilot tour to explore Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam (Temple of Literature) in Hanoi at night aims to promote the unique value of the special national relic site - Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam, towards attracting more visitors to the monument at night, and diversifying tourism products in Hanoi, according to the Vietnam News Agency.
The Thien Quang well in Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is effectively utilised to convey the value
and significance of study. (Photo: VNA)

The project was conducted on October 22 with the participation of many travel agencies.

The project This would be the fourth night tour in Hanoi. The first three are tours to the Hoa Lo Prison Relic, the Thang Long Imperial Citadel and the Vietnam Museum of Literature.

The tour's organiser wants to offer a unique and different experience for tourists by using modern 3D mapping technology, which displays vivid images to tell different stories about Confucianism and the country’s history and sages.

Iconic structures within the site, such as the Khue Van Cac (the pavilion of the constellation of literature), the Vuon bia Tien si (Garden of doctoral steles), the Thien Quang well are effectively utilised to convey the value and significance of study.

The Khue Van Cac area will serve as a venue for traditional music performances.

Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Travel Association Phung Quang Thang said the use of new technologies in the night tour generates excitement among visitors. He suggested more guidance be given to visitors to enable them to understand better the told stories.

Tourists experience the night tour at Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam. (Photo: VNA) 

Hanoi is a pioneer in developing night-time tourism and now there are various options for visitors to do in Hanoi at night.

Night tours are often fully booked, proving their popularity. Many travel businesses have included those night tours in the journeys of domestic and international tourists. Hanoi night tour products have brought great experiences to visitors, creating a unique feature of the capital's tourism.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued Decision 1894/QD-BVHTTDL on a project to develop various models of night tourism products, offering a wide variety of activities such as cultural and art shows, sport and health-beauty care, shopping and food. |

Under the project, Hanoi is expected to have night entertainment complexes.

By the end of the year, the city will launch some more night tourism products to further attract tourists.

Price of Vietnam’s exported rice maintains uptrend

Rice prices in the Mekong Delta region continued to rise last week, said the Vietnam News Agency.

Specifically, the export price of 5% broken rice increased to 625-630 USD per tonne from 615-625 USD per tonne in the previous week.

Price of Vietnam’s exported rice maintains uptrend (Photo: VNA)

Meanwhile, those of other major rice exporters last week recorded decreases. The price of 5% broken rice of India fell to 510-520 USD per tonne from 515-525 USD per tonne, and of Thailand decreased to 575-580 USD per tonne from 580-600 USD per tonne.

According to the Vietnam Food Association, the price of paddy at the field averaged at 8,321 VND (0.34 USD) a kilogram, up 193 VND a kilogram, while that at the warehouse rose by 125 VND to 9,475 VND per kilogram.

Three Vietnamese resorts win Destination Deluxe Awards

Three local resorts were honoured at Destination Deluxe Awards 2023, with the event recently being held at the Banyan Tree Bangkok in Thailand, Radio the Voice of Vietnam reported.

They include Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in the southern central province of Khanh Hoa, along with TIA Wellness Resort and InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort in the central city of Da Nang.

According to the list, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay surpassed two other well-known reports in Cambodia and the United States to win the “Eco-Hotel of the Year” category.

Coming to the resort, visitors will have the opportunity to experience scuba diving and jungle adventures, with an equal emphasis placed on wellness and relaxation such as soothing spa treatments and flying yoga.

Furthermore, the “Creative Healing Retreat” healthcare program of TIA Wellness Resort claimed second place in the “Wellness Program of the Year” category.

A corner of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay (Photo: VOV)

The programme is designed to alleviate stress or anxiety in guests who feel like their life and emotions have become imbalanced, as well as for those who are keen to improve their wellbeing, by releasing negative feelings and to feel more vibrant and centred.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort grabbed first place in the "Holistic Treatment of the Year" category thanks to its Mi Sol Journey of the resort’s Mi Sol Spa.

Mi Sol Spa is named after the tones in the musical scale, with the tones do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and ti each having a specific vibration frequency. The spa obtains these different frequencies with the use of tuning forks. Through these vibrations it is able to invoke deep relaxation and emotion. Mi has a frequency at 528 Hz that reinstates equilibrium and stimulates love, whilst sol at 741 Hz cleanses the mind and body from blockages and toxins.

The Destination Deluxe Awards 2023 provides the perfect backdrop for a celebration of the finest in luxury and wellness. In recognition of the industry’s finest across 25 categories, the awards were voted on by a panel of 20 expert judges.

It aims to honour the best spas, treatments, hotels and resorts, retreats, and skincare brands that have exhibited outstanding achievements in luxury standards, innovation, quality, as well as ecological awareness, and prospective contributions to the overall growth of the wellness and travel industries.

Shrimp exports to US enjoy vigorous growth in second half

Vietnamese shrimp exports to the United States continued to witness robust growth in September, representing a year-on-year rise of 23% and marking the third consecutive month of positive growth this year, Radio the Voice of Vietnam quoted the figures of the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP).

Furthermore, this was also the month that witnessed the highest export growth as shrimp exports to the market in July and August increased by 14% and 11%, respectively.

However, shrimp exports to the US during the nine-month period dropped by 23% to reach US$520 million against the same period from last year.

Shrimp exports to US enjoy vigorous growth in second half (Photo:

VASEP experts assessed that despite experiencing negative growth to some major markets like the EU, Japan, and the Republic of Korea, there have been positive signs from markets such as the US, Australia, Canada, Belgium, and Taiwan (China), with growth rates ranging between 1% and 54%.

Most notably, after witnessing positive growth in June, July, and August, shrimp exports to China and Hong Kong (China), continued to experience a downward trend of 13% to US$61 million in September, thereby making shrimp exports to this market in the nine-month period decline by 6% to US$454 million on-year.

According to figures released by experts, with bright prospects in markets such as the US, Canada, and Australia, the demand for processed shrimp tends to increase during the year-end period.

Moreover, with shrimp imports into the US increasing in recent times due to stable consumer spending coupled with the positive US growth projection by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there will be a positive outlook for shrimp exports to the market moving forward./.

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