Vietnam’s honey exports gain US$41 million over nine-month period

Friday, 28/10/2022 17:00
Approximately 24,000 tonnes of honey of Vietnam worth roughly US$41 million were exported over the past nine months of 2022.

Vietnam’s honey exports gain US$41 million over nine-month period (Photo: 

This information was unveiled during a meeting on building the value chain of the livestock industry held on October 27 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

During the meeting, Dinh Quyet Tam, Chairman of the Vietnam Beekeeping Association, said that although the US Department of Commerce (DOC) had imposed an anti-dumping tax of between 58.74% and 61.27% on Vietnamese honey, the country exported 11,000 tonnes of honey to the US market during the reviewed period, accounting for 44.5% of the country’s total export market share.

Furthermore, honey exports to the EU market reached 6,600 tonnes, making up between 27% and 28%, while exports to the UK market hit 2,129 tonnes, accounting for 9%. Exports to markets such as Taiwan (China), Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan made up 19%.

The US remains the major consumer of Vietnamese honey despite being subject to an anti-dumping tax of about 60%. In fact, this important market consumes nearly 90% of Vietnamese honey production, while 90% of the output of the local honey industry is specifically for exports.

Tam went on to reveal that the US will conduct a periodical investigation around March and April next year, hoping that the anti-dumping tax rate will continue to decrease, thereby promoting local honey exports to the fasdious market moving forward.


Vietnam has exported approximately 24,000 tonnes of honey in nine months of 2022 (Photo: 

Despite facing numerous difficulties in terms of export markets, Tam emphasized that the US market's demand for Vietnamese honey remains huge, adding that from now until the end of the year, the US is likely to import approximately 15,000 tonnes of honey from the Southeast Asian nation.

At present, local honey products have made inroads into several demanding markets, including the US, the EU, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

Steering Committee on overseas citizen protection set up

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on October 28 held a ceremony to announce a decision on the establishment its Steering Committee for the protection of Vietnamese citizens abroad.

Later the same day, the Steering Committee convened its first meeting, which was chaired by its head, Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Quang Hieu, according to the Vietnam News Agency.

Attending the event were representatives of the MoFA’s relevant units and the Vietnamese Ambassadors to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Over the past time, the protection of Vietnamese citizens abroad has been implemented in a timely and effective manner thanks to the attention and close directions of high-ranking leaders as welll as the participation and close coordination of ministries, agencies and localities, especially the MoFA and Vietnamese representative agencies abroad.

In early 2022, the ministry and Vietnam's representative agencies in Ukraine and some neighbouring countries organised the evacuation of about 6,000 Vietnamese nationals affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, of which about 1,600 were brought back to Vietnam and others were safely evacuated to a third country.

The establishment of the Steering Committee is of great significance as the protection of Vietnamese citizens and legal entities abroad is taking place amid increasingly complicated and unpredictable developments such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Vietnamese citizens tricked into working abroad, illegally residence, forced labour, and the handling of Vietnamese fishermen and fishing vessels by other countries.

Under the decision, signed by Minister Bui Thanh Son, the Steering Committee is under the direction of MOFA leaders, with the participation of relevant units of the ministry and representative agencies when any citizen protection case emerges.


The first meeting of the Steering Committee on overseas citizen protection (Photo: CPV) 

It is responsible for studying guidelines and policies regarding citizen protection and offering advice to the Government and the MOFA when there are situations that affect the rights and interests of the State, citizens and legal entities of Vietnam abroad. The Consular Department is the standing body of the Steering Committee.

Addressing the meeting, Hieu affirmed that the Party delegation to and leaders of the MOFA always define citizen protection as a regular political task. He expected that the work would be carried out in a more timely and effective manner, ensuring smooth direction and harmonious coordination between agencies at home and abroad.

The establishment of the Steering Committee will improve the quality and professionalism of citizen protection work in the future.

A number of important issues were also touched upon at the meeting, including a coordination mechanism between the ministry's units and representative agencies, and plans to protect Vietnamese citizens and legal entities in the context of the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Vietnam’s aquatic product exports rake in US$9.39 bln in 10 months

Vietnam's aquatic product exports reached US$900 million in October, lifting the country’s total export turnover in the first ten months of 2022 to US$9.39 billion, a sharp increase of 32.7% compared to the same period of 2021, said Radio the Voice of Vietnam.


Vietnam’s aquatic product exports rake in US$9.39 bln in 10 months (Photo: 

The export of tra fish raked in US$183 million, raising the ten-month export value to US$2.06 billion, up 76.5 % from the same period last year, according to the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Meanwhile, shrimp exports fetched US$444 million in October, bringing the ten-month value to US$3.84 billion and up 20.3% year on year.

The top three import markets of Vietnam, including the US, Japan, and China, accounted for 50.1% of the Southeast Asian nation’s total aquatic product export value in the first nine months.


Shrimp exports fetched US$444 million in October (Photo: 

Vietnam’s aquatic product export value increased in almost markets, excluding Russia which saw a decrease of 11% in the first nine months of this year. The country witnessed the highest growth, at 85.2%, in exports to China./.

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