Vietnam’s pomelo officially licensed for export to US

Tuesday, 18/10/2022 16:30
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has officially licensed the import of fresh pomelo from Vietnam after more than five years of negotiations.

Vietnam’s pomelo officially licensed for export to US (Photo: 

This information was released by Hoang Trung, Director of the Plant Protection Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Pomelo is the seventh fresh fruit of Vietnam to be licensed to enter the US market, following mango, longan, lychee, dragon fruit, rambutan, and star apple, according to Vietnam News Agency.

The US has great demand for fruit, up to 12 million tonnes each year. Its domestic production has met just 70% of the demand while the remaining 30%, equivalent to 3.6 million tonnes, is imported.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is home to 105,400ha of land under pomelo with diverse varieties, generating nearly 905,000 tonnes of fruit. The Mekong Delta alone has about 32,000ha with an output of some 369,000 tonnes.

This creates considerable room and a great opportunity for Vietnamese fruits, including pomelo, to access the US market, he noted.


Vietnam’s pomelo officially licensed for export to US (Photo: 

To export pomelo to the US, the Plant Protection Department will work with relevant parties to carry out concerted measures, especially training farmers and exporting companies in the US’s import requirements. It will also maintain the granting of production unit codes and strictly monitor pest contamination in fruit.

All pomelo batches to be shipped to the US will be irradiated at the US-recognised irradiation establishments under the supervision of the US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Plant Protection Department, Trung added.

VinFast debuts four electric vehicle models at Paris Motor Show 2022

VinFast, a subsidiary automaker of Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup, officially launched four electric vehicle (EV) models at the Paris Motor Show 2022 international auto show which is running from October 17 to October 23.

According to Radio the Voice of Vietnam, four years after its global debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show with the release of its first two cars through the LUX A2.0 for the sedan and the LUX SA2.0 for the sports utility vehicle (SUV), Vinfast returned to the show with four new EV models, including VF 6, VF 7, VF 8, and VF 9.

This marks the first time that the automaker has officially introduced the full all-electric range to the French market. Among the EV models being debuted, two SUV models VF 8 and VF 9 designed by Pininfarina have received 65,000 global orders so far.


VF 7 EV model is designed by Torino Design (Photo: VNA)

The other two models, VF 6 and VF 7, are luxurious electric SUVs designed by Torino Design which have been introduced to the European customer segment for the first time.

Jean-Christophe Mercier, deputy CEO of VinFast Europe, expressed his pride at creating a distinctive brand identity featuring premium quality, affordable prices, and a host of cutting-edge technologies for customers.

He added that VinFast places great importance on its plan to expand the market in Europe with the opening of its three headquarters in France, Germany, and the Netherlands, in the cities of Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

Moving forward, the company plans for the opening of VinFast’s first flagship store to take place in Cologne, Germany, in November with a direct-to-customer retail model.

VinFast also aims to hire over 200 technicians during the next 12 months as part of efforts to support its aftersales network.

With regard to charging, VinFast will co-operate alongside Bosch to bring customers a network of charging stations with up to 300,000 from many suppliers across Europe.

Mercier affirmed that the company continues its journey towards a sustainable future as it seeks to become one of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers for zero-emissions transportation.

At the show, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang stated that the presence of VinFast’s new EV models at the Paris International Motor Show 2022 has captured the public’s attention, affirming the rise of the Vietnamese economy and industrial sector that have launched competitive products compared to other leading global ones.

Vietnam-Laos trade surpasses 1.2 billion USD in first nine months

Trade turnover between Vietnam and Laos hit 1.22 billion USD in the first nine months of 2022, up 29% year-on-year.

Of the total, exports were valued at 465.7 million USD, up 4.1%, and imports 755.8 million USD, up 51.3%, according to the Vietnam News Agency.


Lao Bao international border gate (Photo: 

 Vietnam’s main exports included fruit and vegetables (44.8 million USD, up 230%), petrol and diesel (52.4 million USD, up 268%) and fertilisers (26.5 million USD, up 53.4%).

The country mainly imported rubber (169.3 million USD, up 58.7%), fertilisers (67.4 million USD, up 123.3%), and wood and wooden products (106.2 million USD, up 49.7%) from Laos.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Laos, with the current growth pace, two-way trade may reach 1.6 billion USD this year, up 20% year-on-year, fulfilling the target set by the countries’ senior leaders at the 44th meeting of the inter-governmental committee on bilateral cooperation.

Russian media assesses Vietnamese stability in politics and business environment

The role and position of the nation in terms of global politics and the economy was featured in an article published on October 17 by Russia’s Independent newspaper, said Radio the Voice of Vietnam.

In his article, Grigory Trofimchuk greatly valued the role played by Vietnam in particular and ASEAN in general, in efforts to promote Russia's "Look East" policy amid strong volatilities in the world.


Russian media assesses Vietnamese stability in politics and business environment (Photo: VOV) 

After Vietnam completed its role as a non-permanent member of the United Nations (UN) Security Council, it was immediately elected to the UN Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 tenure, the article said.

According to Trofimchuk, Vietnam has a stable political and business environment, with many incentives and benefits for foreign investors, including those from Russia.

Russia needs to show clearer its role in solving problems in Asia-Pacific, and Southeast Asia in particular, in the process of “turning to the East”, the article stressed, adding that Vietnam is a potential partner for this scheme./.

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