Vietnam's seafood exports to Japan continued to rise to US$638.91 million

Sunday, 19/06/2022 21:06
According to VOV, during the first 5 months of the year, Vietnam's seafood exports to Japan continued to rise to US$638.91 million, accounting for 13.6% of the nation's overall export turnover.

Vietnam's seafood exports to Japan continued to rise to US$638.91 million

Widely known as a fastidious market, Japan has always required the high quality of imported products in general and seafood in particular, according to insiders.

Some types of Vietnamese seafood currently hold a significant market share such as canned salmon at 48%, canned mackerel (34%), frozen shrimp (22%), and frozen squid (10%).

According to Nguyen Manh Dong, third secretary of the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan, the Japanese market has a high demand for seafood, with 90% of domestically farmed and caught aquatic products being consumed locally.

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In order for local businesses to bolster seafood exports to the East Asian nation, their products must comply with the standards specified in the Food Sanitation Act of Japan, according to which, antibiotic residue standards are very important, Dong continued.

Regarding the Japanese distribution system, Ta Duc Minh, trade counselor of the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan stated that the Japanese distribution system is quite complicated with many levels. Many supermarkets and wholesalers do not import directly, but buy goods through suppliers.

Recently, some Japanese enterprises such as AEON Group have directly imported goods from Vietnam.

To become a supplier for these partners, in addition to meeting the general standards on product quality, they must also meet partners' own standards.

To penetrate deeper into the Japanese market, local enterprises cannot export existing products but need to research and produce goods with eye-catching packaging and labels full of necessary information in line with the tastes of Japanese consumers, Minh noted.

Vietnam, Malaysia sign cooperation document on timber business

The timber and timber-based industries in Malaysia and Vietnam have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to further develop the timber trades in both countries.

Vietnam, malaysia sign cooperation document on timber business (Source: VOV)

The MoC will not only strengthen economic cooperation between Malaysia and Vietnam, but also create opportunities for their manufacturers to increase exports and imports, reported VOV.

Although both Malaysia and Vietnam are producers of timber products, the collaboration will provide opportunities for manufacturers to increase their exports and imports between Malaysian and Vietnam. The MoC is also projected to generate other spin-offs such as socio-economic benefits and employment opportunities.

Muhtar Suhaili, chief executive officer of the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) said Malaysia is committed to further sustainable development of the timber industry of both nations, and the country can benefit from higher foreign direct investment by Vietnam in furniture manufacturing and access to the European Union (EU) market through Vietnam's free trade agreements.

According to Muhtar, skilled human resources and the availability of local labour force will be advantages for Vietnam.

“Malaysia is committed in further developing its timber industry sustainably. Malaysia can benefit from Vietnam’s higher foreign direct investment (FDI) in furniture manufacturing and access to the EU markets through Vietnam’s free trade agreements,” said Muhtar.

He added that Vietnam’s skilled manpower and its availability from the local population will be an advantage, on top of its proximity to China which provides easier access for furniture parts and wooden panels.

The MoC is also in line with the high-level ASEAN agreement adopted in 2000 when the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) was launched to narrow the development gap and enhance ASEAN's competitiveness as a region.

It will also protect the interests of both countries against regulations that may affect the interests of the timber industry.

Present at the signing ceremony were the President of TEAM. Chua Song Fong, President of MFC Mr. Khoo Yeow Chong, the Vice-President of ViForest, Huynh Quang Thanh, President of Binh Duong Wood Processing Association (BIFA) Mr. Nguyen Liem, President of Dong Nai Wood Processing Association (DOWA) Le Xuan Quan and the Vice-President-cum-Secretary General of DOWA  Nguyen Chanh Phuong.

Upon addressing the ceremony, TEAM President Chua Song Fong said, “Vietnam’s timber industry has been growing very well over the past decade and we would like to capitalize on this and explore business opportunities,”

“We would like to increase our market share in Vietnam and the MoC can deepen investment flows for Malaysia,” said President of MFC Khoo Yeow Chong, citing supplying furniture parts to Vietnam as a good possibility.

Among the top five products that Malaysia exported to Vietnam in 2021 were particleboard (US$9.35 million), wooden furniture (US$7.77 million), fiberboard (US$5.99 million), sawn timber (US$5.46 million) and builders joinery & carpentry (US$3.39 million).

Vietnamese cuisine charms French people at Paris festival

A culinary festival as part of Ici Vietnam 2022, an event to introduce Vietnamese culture to French people, took place at Place Monge Square in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris on June 18, reported VNA.

The Vietnamese culinary festival in Paris attracts a large number of local residents. (Photo: VNA)

The culinary festival, the second of its kind held at Ici Vietnam so far, aimed to popularise the Vietnamese cuisine’s identities, from street food to the dishes served in restaurants.

It saw the participation of 26 associations, businesses, and restaurants of Vietnamese people in France such as Foyer Vietnam, Ba Noi, Ngoc Xuyen, Thanh Binh Jeune, Tra Art, and France Plumfoot.

They offered many typical foods and beverages nationwide such as “bun bo” (beef noodle soup), “bun tron” (mixed noodles), “nem cuon” (fresh spring rolls), “nem ran” (fried spring rolls), Vietnamese sandwich, sugarcane juice, tea, and coffee.

Local residents were also attracted to this festival by singing and dancing performances by Vietnamese-origin artists, along with folk games and the introduction of some French - Vietnamese books.

Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang spoke highly of the Ici Vietnam Festival, which showed the dynamism of the Vietnamese people in France and created momentum for more activities in 2023, when the two countries will mark the 50th founding anniversary of diplomatic ties and the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership.

Florence Berthout, Mayor of the 5th Arrondissement, said the local administration and herself have always supported cultural activities of the Vietnamese community, affirming that Vietnam possesses many special cultural identities, including cuisine, that many French people want to learn about and explore.

Vice Mayor Benjamin Isare expressed his delight at the large number of visitors to the event despite the hot weather, which proved the attractiveness of Vietnamese food.

The Ici Vietnam Festival was an idea of a group of young Vietnamese-French people who wished to organise festive events on different areas, from cinematography, arts to cuisine, to introduce Vietnamese culture to the French. This idea has been supported by the Vietnamese People Association in France and Foyer Vietnam and held annually since 2018.

“Bun cha” included in UK’s Platinum Jubilee cookbook

“Bun cha” (rice vermicelli with grilled pork and fresh herbs) of Vietnam has been honourly included in a cookbook with recipes served in visits of the British royal family which were collected by embassies of the UK in countries across the world on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Bun cha” included in UK’s Platinum Jubilee cookbook  (Photo: The UK Embassy in Vietnam)

The recipe of the Vietnamese dish was made by Chef Do Thi Hai Ly, who is working for the UK Embassy in Vietnam.

UK Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward wrote in the book that “Bun cha” is the pride of Hanoi cuisine. No local or tourist can resist the aroma of grilled pork when passing by street food stalls.

“Bun cha” is also the first dish that Ambassador Ward enjoyed when he officially started his term in Vietnam in 2018.

Hai Ly is a Hanoian with 25 years of experience as a chef. She has worked at the UK Embassy for the past three years.

She said that the ambassador loves “Bun cha” so this dish is often served at parties at the embassy.

Hai Ly said she plans to include another typical Hanoi dish - “Cha ca La Vong” (fish cooked with turmeric and dill) in the menu serving special delegations at the embassy.

The cookbook is currently on sale on the Amazon platform with a promotional price of 36.8 USD. According to the embassy, all proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support two charities, the Commonwealth Trust of Queen Elizabeth II and the Charity of the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles./.