VinWonders, Sun World partner with Klook to promote Vietnam’s tourism online

Tuesday, 21/02/2023 20:45
According to VNA, VinWonders and Sun World, two leading theme park brands in Vietnam, have partnered with Klook, a leading travel and leisure app in Asia-Pacific, to promote inbound tourism in Vietnam.
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Through digital marketing campaigns, the two hope to increase the awareness among the tourists, especially free independent travellers (FIT), of Vietnam’s outstanding destinations.

They will target key markets such as the Republic of Korea, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan (China), which reported strong growth in the number of tourists to Vietnam in 2022.

Michelle Ho, Klook General Manager of Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam, predicts that 2023 will be a stronger year for Vietnam's inbound tourism.

Despite the looming global recession, many international travellers are making plans to visit Vietnam in 2023, promising a booming year for the tourism market, she said.

According to Klook's Travelsilence study, 81% of the Asian travelers are still eager to travel internationally in 2023, and many of them are making Vietnam their next destination.

Data from Google Destination insights showed that Vietnam is one of the fastest growing destinations globally with more than 75% growth, and the country ranked fourth in growth. With Vietnam expecting to welcome 8 million international travelers in 2023, twice as many as in 2022, the strategic partnerships will enable the country, and partners in particular, to reach wider and further, capitalising on more of the rising demand through Klook's integrated channels.

Vietnamese baguette ranked 7th in world’s top 50 best street foods: TasteAtlas

TasteAtlas, a website dedicated to discovering fresh ingredients, traditional dishes, and authentic restaurants around the world, has recognised Vietnamese baguette, known locally as "Banh mi", as the 7th best street food in the world, reported VNA.

Bánh mì (pronounced 'bun mee') is a popular Vietnamese variety of sandwiches that share the same core ingredient  a baguette. (Photo: VNA) 

According to the site, Bánh mì (pronounced 'bun mee') is a popular Vietnamese variety of sandwich that shares the same core ingredient of a baguette.

The baguette was brought over to Vietnam during the colonial period, and nowadays it is one of the few remaining legacies from the time. In the beginning, most banh mi sandwiches consisted of bread, meat, and seasonings, with no added vegetables.

Guotie from China came in first place in the latest TasteAtlas ranking. The pan-fried variety of the Chinese jiaozi dumpling is a Northern Chinese dumpling typically filled with minced pork, Chinese cabbage, scallions, ginger, rice wine, and sesame seed oil.

Roti canai, the Malaysian breakfast of champions, placed second.

Meanwhile, Spain's espetos claimed third position, followed by tacos, the national dish of Mexico.

Another Mexican favourite, carnitas, a dish made from pork that is braised, roasted, or slow-cooked in its fat until it is fully tender and succulent ranked 5th.

Japanese kaarage ranked sixth. Karaage is a Japanese frying technique that is often used to prepare chicken. The chicken is marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, sake, and sugar, then coated with arrowroot starch and deep-fried.

Other street foods that made the top 10 ranked by TasteAtlas including peirogi (8th), a stuffed dumpling from Poland, and esquites (9th), a Mexican street food that is typically consumed as a snack on the go. It is made with mature corn kernels, epazote, and salt.

Cochinita pibil, a Mexican pork dish originating from Yucatan grabbed the 10th spot.

TasteAtlas is considered one of the world's most prestigious traditional culinary experience travel guide websites, with a catalog of more than 10,000 types of food and drink from around the world. The recipes posted on this website are appreciated by food critics and journalists.

Dragon fruit, banana, and durian exports aim for US$2 billion in 2023

The nation is striving to reach its dragon fruit, banana, and durian export target of US$2 billion this year, reported VOV.

Dragon fruit, banana, and durian exports aim for US$2 billion in 2023  (Source:

Fruit and vegetable exports recorded positive signals in the early part of the year, reaching US$300 million in January, up 3% on-year.

This promises to be a great help to the sector in terms of realising its goal of US$4 billion in revenue this year, an annual surge of 20%. 

This can be attributed to China’s re-opening in early January, as well as its increasing import of fruit and vegetables from the Vietnamese market and the efforts of local exporters to maintain orders with partners in the United States, the EU, and Japan.

During the fourth quarter of 2022, the export volume of durian soared sharply, hitting US$421 million, up 137% from the same period from last year.

The export of bananas also recorded strong growth, reaching US$311 million last year, up 34.5%.

In line with this, trade of goods at border gates between the nation and China has become bustling. As many as 220,000 tonnes of fruits were exported to the northern neighbour via border gates in the northern province of Lang Son from January 1 to February 13, a hike of 40% on-year.

According to Nguyen Thanh Binh, president of the Vietnam Fruit and Vegetable Association, this year represents an optimistic year for the nation’s fruit and vegetables export industry, especially durian.

China remains the largest importer in Vietnamese durian among other key markets, including Australia, the US, Japan, and Taiwan (China).

Banana exports are also expected to exceed US$300 million thanks to a protocol signed with China in November, 2022.

Vietnam is the second biggest exporter of bananas to the Chinese market after the Philippines, with China annually spending more than US$1 billion on importing bananas from the Southeast Asian nation.

Coconut exports likely to reach US$1 billion this year

Cao Ba Dang Khoa, acting general secretary of the Coconut Association of Vietnam, revealed that over the past five years the Vietnamese coconut industry has risen to become the fourth position throughout the Asian region, reported VOV.

Coconut exports likely to reach US$1 billion this year (Source:

Currently, the sector has developed approximately 200 products, including some high-value products that have entered several fastidious markets such as Finland, thereby affirming the brand name of Vietnamese coconut within the global market.

Khoa emphasised that there are positive signs ahead for coconut exports this year, particularly as the company has secured plenty of coconut export orders already, adding that the association has been co-ordinating efforts with several industries and localities in a bid to improve the overall production capacity and build brands for coconut products.

Most notably, the Vietnam International Furniture and Home Accessories Fair (VIFA-EXPO) slated for March 8 to March 11 is expected to open a series of trade promotion programmes this year, facilitating the export of cononut products and handicraft products from coconut moving forward.

Coconut products are now exported to many countries around the world (Source: 

Furthermore, the association plans to build additional branches in several provinces and cities nationwide in a bid to ramp up trade promotion activities.

However, Khoa pointed out that the association has been gradually developing their own sets of standards and rules for coconuts, as well as for origin traceability, as a means of making further inroads into demanding markets moving forward./.