Photo: Vinanet

xport goods that reported high growth rates include plastic materials with an increase of 257.2%; candies and cereal products with an increase of 135.8%; bamboo and rattan products and carpets with an increase of 121.5%; and animal food and materials with an increase of 113.5%.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in India, there is currently a scarce source of the raw materials for manufacturing antibacterial filters in India. Businesses producing this product have received orders until the end of May; therefore, it has warned Vietnamese enterprises to be careful and cautious in some advertisements on online shopping sites about the ability to supply the products, and request payment of 100% of the order value.

It has also proposed businesses ask partners to provide specific information about the factory, product quality testing certificates, filter standards certificates, ISO, GMP certificates, and not advance payment to partners./.

Compiled by BTA