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Of which, exports were valued at 27.2 billion USD, up 3.9% from the previous month, and import value was 27.66 billion USD, down slightly 2.1%.

For both first and second quarters, the country’s total import and export value posted 317.66 billion USD, up 32.5% year on year. The value included 158.34 billion USD of export and 159.33 billion USD of imports.

In June, the trade balance of goods had a deficit of 455 million USD and in the two quarters, the deficit figure was 993 million USD.

The General Department of Customs also recorded the total import and export value of foreign direct investment (FDI) enterprises in June reached 37.02 billion USD, a slight increase of 0.4% from the previous month, bringing the value in the two quarters to 219.87 billion USD, up 36.6%.

Vietnam’s trade exchange with Asia reached 205.25 billion USD, up 32.8% year on year, accounting for the highest proportion, 64.6% of the country’s total.

Export and import value between Vietnam and other continents also recorded growth, including America 66.23 billion USD (up 39.2%); Europe 35.58 billion USD (up 19.2%); Oceania 6.62 billion USD (up 42.3%) and Africa 3.98 billion USD (up 30.5%)./.