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This value included USD14.02 billion from clothing export, up 8.71%; USD1.02 billion from fabrics, up 29.9%; and USD2.01 billion from fiber and yarn products, up 1.1%.

The US is still the biggest market of Vietnam’s garment and textile products, with turnover of USD7.22 billion, up 12.84% over a year earlier and accounting for 46.9%.

It was followed by CPTPP countries with USD2.57 billion, up 11.13% and accounting for 16.7%; the EU with USD2.05 billion, up 10.46%; and the Republic of Korea with USD1.37 billion, up 5.59%.

In the first five months of the year, the sector lured 63 foreign-invested projects with a total capital of USD700 million, in which 17 projects were invested by China with registered capital of USD205 million and 12 projects by the Republic of Korea with USD22 million. These contributed to raise the total FDI capital in the sector to date to USD18.6 billion./.