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Specifically, 2,714 new projects were licensed with a registered capital of USD15.78 billion, down 20.3% year on year; while 954 ongoing projects registered an additional capital of USD7.4 billion, down 7.4%.

In the 11 months, the country had an additional USD7.6 billion from 5,882 capital contributions and share purchases of foreign investors, a year-on-year rise of 44.4%.

Regarding sectors, foreign investors poured capital into 18 sectors; in which processing and manufacturing industry absorbed the most with USD14.2 billion, making up 46.2% of the total. It was followed by real estate business with USD6.5 billion (21.3%), and wholesale and retail with USD3.1 billion (10%).

Among 108 countries and territories investing in Vietnam, Japan topped the list with nearly USD8 billion, making up 25.9%, followed by the Republic of Korea with USD6.8 billion (22.3%) and Singapore with USD4.1 billion (13.4%).

Hanoi took the lead among 59 localities attracting FDI capital in the 11 months with USD6.3 billion, making up 20.4%. Ho Chi Minh city ranked the second with USD5.6 billion, while Hai Phong ranked third with USD2.49 billion./.