According to the latest information from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in October, export turnover to the Belgian market reached nearly 309 million USD, thereby bringing the total turnover in the first 10 months of the year to 2.874 billion USD.

Iron and steel export turnover to Belgium sees sharp growth. (Photo:

In the 10 months, export turnover to the European country increased by 1 billion USD compared to the same period last year, equivalent to 53.4%.

By the end of October, 4 groups of export commodities achieved turnover of more than 100 million USD in the market, including: seafood, textiles, footwear, and iron and steel.

Specifically, footwear enjoyed the largest export turnover of USD 891.8 million, up 11.32% year on year. Iron and steel exports grew suddenly. By the end of October, iron and steel exports to Belgium reached 716,733 tons, worth 848.9 million USD, an increase of nearly 10 times in volume and more than 16 times in turnover year on year.

For garments and textiles, export turnover reached more than 303 million USD, up 4.1%. Among the four main export commodity groups, seafood posted nearly 112 million USD, down slightly by 0.74%.

On the other hand, over the past 10 months, Vietnam spent 476.55 million USD importing goods from Belgium, up nearly 18.8% year on year. Pharmaceuticals made up the biggest import turnover with 195 million USD, up 60%./.