The signing ceremony. (Photo: CPV)

The signing of MoU aims to consult, test, train and transfer technologies, solutions, information technology platforms and digital transformation researched and developed by Viettel Group; helping improve efficiency in the management and administration of finance - budget of the Ministry of Finance according to the orientation of digital transformation and the 5-year plan of applying information technology in 2021-2025.

Under the MoU, Viettel will provide consultants, support evaluation and propose optimal standardization options for information technology systems in order to improve efficiency in managing, operating and ensuring information safety and security of technology application systems of the financial sector.

The group will coordinate with the Ministry of Finance to consult, research and test a number of technologies and solutions of digital transformation; support consulting, researching and testing new solutions and technologies to improve the quality of internal knowledge applications; and support consulting technology solutions.

In addition, Viettel will also cooperate with the Ministry of Finance in training, building and developing information technology human resources, focusing on a number of "core" technologies and solutions of digital transformation, such as: Cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things, and e-Learning.

Through the MoU, the Ministry of Finance will share with Viettel the strategic orientations for the development of the financial industry, reforming business processes and orienting the digital transformation of the industry to cooperate together for development in the digital transformation period of Vietnam in general and the Ministry of Finance in particular./.