Photo for illustration. (Source: VNA)

The southern city needs about 60,000 workers from now to the end of 2021, and an additional 120,000 workers in early 2022, right after the Lunar New Year. It also promotes the connection between labor supply and demand, opening job exchange floors to match workers’ desire to find jobs and the recruitment needs of enterprises. Many businesses have sent text messages to invite workers to return to Ho Chi Minh City to work.

Mr. Le Minh Tan said, Ho Chi Minh City is promoting social security support for people in difficult circumstances, regardless of permanent residence, temporary residence or stay.

As of 5 p.m. on October 18, more than 5 million people have received the third phase of support (accounting for 77% of the total 6.6 million people with difficult circumstances listed for support). Third support payments will continue until October 22./.