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The newly-elected Chairman said that along with the goal of controlling the epidemic, limiting the number of deaths, and gradually reducing the number of COVID-19 cases; the reopening of the city’s economy is an urgent issue.

However, the opening of the economy requires a specific plan and a step-by-step roadmap. “I will immediately direct the competent authorities of Ho Chi Minh City to study a specific plan to resume and develop the economy in accordance with the epidemic situation,” he said.

He said that by September 15, controlling the epidemic does not mean that the epidemic will be over, but at that time the results must be evident through reducing the number of deaths, reducing the number of people infected with COVID-19, increasing green areas and reducing red, orange and yellow areas.

The leader of the HCM City government assessed that the epidemic could last until the end of 2021 or even the beginning of 2022. In many countries, including those that have been widely vaccinated, the epidemic has not ended, but continues.

When people are vaccinated, and there are no signs of COVID-19 infection, service activities will be gradually opened. Therefore, the opening of the economy must be consistent with the situation and the results of epidemic prevention and control.

Resuming production, business and service activities must ensure safety and not affect the results of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control. In the short term, priority should be given to reopening production and service activities of essential industries, then maintaining the operation of important industries.

Mr. Phan Van Mai also affirmed that he will take care of people’s lives and ensure social security during the time of social distancing./.