Representative of VBSP in Lang Son province signed a credit contract with Mai Linh Lang Son Technology Transport Co., Ltd. (Photo: VBSP)

After only 14 days, the Government leader’s Decision 23/2021/QD-TTg issued on July 7 came into life, with credit contracts to pay salary for work stoppage and resuming production, contributing to supporting employers and employees to overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and maintain production.

As one of the first enterprises signing the credit contract to pay salary for employees, Director of Mai Linh Lang Son Transport Technology Co., Ltd., Nong Thi Van said that the recent COVID-19 epidemic has severely affected its business operations. Many employees of the company lost their income and lost their jobs due to the decreased travel demand.

Ms Van said that the timely attention and support of the VBSP in Lang Son has created favorable conditions for the firm to access the preferential loan package, with the disbursement amount of 92.6 million VND, to pay salaries for 9 workers. The loan is offered at 0% interest with a 12-month term.

Upon hearing her company is also receiving the loans, Ms. Chu Phuong Khanh, an employee of Pride Tourism and Trading One Member Limited Liability Company, Lang Son said: “The capital not only helps the unit reduce pressure of covering operating costs, contribute to maintaining operations and resume production and business, but the employees will have a more stable income to cover their lives through the difficult time.”

Deputy Director of the VBSP in Lang Son Pham Manh Ha also shared that so far, the bank has received applications from 17 units wishing to borrow money to pay salaries for work stoppage and resuming production. Among them, the number of employees who have to stop working is 213 people and the requested amount of loan is 1.75 billion VND.

On the afternoon of July 27, the VBSP’s branch in Bac Giang signed a credit contract with Bac Giang LGG Garment Corporation Joint Stock and BGG Lang Giang Garment Joint Stock Company. (Photo: VBSP)

So far, all 63 branches of the VBSP in provinces and cities nationwide have received dossiers, quickly reviewed and appraised to sign credit contracts with employers who want to borrow capital to pay salaries for work stoppage and resuming production.

Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam, Deputy Chairman of the Quy Nhon city People’s Committee said that the VBSP in Binh Dinh has announced the policy to 100% of transaction points in all communes, wards and towns in the province. In addition, the unit actively coordinated with relevant agencies to focus on reviewing the subjects and approaching production and business establishments affected by the COVID-19 epidemic to guide the application procedures.

So far, the VBSP in Binh Dinh has received applications for loans of more than 8.2 billion VND from 19 businesses. The unit has signed credit contracts with 9 businesses and educational institutions to borrow to pay salaries for 395 employees with total money of more than 2.6 billion VND.

As for Bac Giang, a locality that was a “hot spot” during the fourth COVID-19 outbreak with hundreds of businesses and production facilities having to temporarily suspend operations in May-June, in order to promptly help employers as well as employees overcome difficulties, Bac Giang issued a plan and established a council to appraise dossiers of organizations and individuals asking for support in districts and city in accordance with Resolution 68 and Decision 23 of the Government leader. 

As of July 27, 49 businesses in the province were instructed to prepare loan documents and 13 businesses completed their documents borrowing loans to pay salaries to 13,000 workers with a total of more than 44 billion VND. Among them, the bank approved loans to 4 businesses to pay July salaries to more than 6,000 employees, with a total of 21 billion VND./.