Photo for illustration. (Source: VOV)

The country’s 5% broken rice is currently on sale at between 433 USD and 437 USD per tonne, marking an increase of 40 USD per tonne from the export price seen in the middle of August.

Furthermore, Thailand's 5% broken rice is currently at between 384 USD and 388 USD per tonne, a drop of 21 USD per tonne compared to mid-August. Elsewhere, Indian rice remains at between 368 USD and 372 USD per tonne and Pakistani rice at between 378 USD and 382 USD per tonne, a rise of 25 USD per tonne.

In the segment of 25% broken rice, Vietnamese rice export price also stands at far higher than that of its competitors, with the price hovering at 403 USD per tonne on October 11, while Thai rice was traded at 373 USD per ton, and both Indian and Pakistani rice were sold at 338 USD per tonne.

According to a representative of a rice business based in the Mekong Delta region, this increase in the Vietnamese rice export price can largely attributed to the fact that the Government has increased its purchase of national reserves, coupled with the rising demanding in the global market since the beginning of September.

According to figures given by General Department of Vietnam Customs, Vietnamese rice exports in September reached over 593,600 tonnes of rice worth over 293.1 million USD, an increase of 19% in volume and 20.5% in value.

The country also exported 4.57 million tonnes of rice worth over 2.41 billion USD during the nine-month period, a drop of 8.3% in volume and 1.2% in value against the same period from last year./.

CPV (Source: VOV)