According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on the occasion of the Vietnam Food Festival 2021 held by the Vietnamese community in France in the central square of Paris on June 19, lychee and many other agricultural products of Vietnam attracted a large number of consumers.

With an eye-catching display booth and packaging suitable to the tastes of consumers of Paris, Vietnamese lychee was first placed in the center of a stall in the middle of the weekend market.

Vietnamese lychee with an eye-catching display booth and packaging are suitable to the tastes of consumers of Paris. (Photo:

A representative of the Government of District 5, where the event took place, said that this is the first time Vietnamese lychee has been present at Monge Square and he is extremely surprised at the attention of consumers to this event.

He added that the second order of Vietnamese lychee has cleared customs and the third order is being arranged to meet the demand of the market.

The Vietnam Food Festival 2021 offered a good opportunity for French consumers to discover more Vietnamese agricultural products. Not only does lychee attracts the attention of consumers, some other specialties such as sugarcane juice and, fresh coconut water of Vietnam are also favored.

As planned, a large number of Vietnamese lychee will continue to be officially imported into the French market next week./.