Doctor Nguyen Tri Thuc presents congratulation flowers to Li ZiChao. (Photo:

Two weeks after being taken to hospital infected with nCoV from his father, Chinese citizen Li ZiChao, 28 years old, was cured and discharged from Vietnam’s Cho Ray Hospital on February 4th. Talking with leaders from the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and the hospital, he was moved to thank the Vietnamese doctors for doing their utmost to save him and his father, Mr. Li Ding.

“We were aware of the dangerous situation and risk of death that we faced, especially when my father contracted diverse serious diseases before. However, we are lucky to be saved by Vietnamese doctors as they not only treated us but also give us spiritual encouragement in overcoming the dangerous disease,” he said.

Expressing his pleasure to welcome completely healthy citizens, Huang Xi Ping, a representative from the Chinese Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city, said that his country was grateful to the Vietnamese Government, especially the doctors, for saving Chinese citizens. “The trust in international cooperation, including with Vietnam, in pushing back the disease, has been increased after the treatment,” he added.

“We hope to receive additional medical treatment from Vietnam for the remaining Chinese patients,” he went on to say.

Doctor Nguyen Tri Thuc, Director of the Cho Ray Hospital, informed that Mr. Li Ding’s health had been recovered remarkably. “We will continue to give him best treatment and care so that he will be discharged from hospital soon,” he said.

According to Mr. Thuc, the hospital will make scientific reports on receiving and treating nCoV-infected patients so that Cho Ray Hospital’s success can be expanded to other medical foundations, contributing to protecting communities’ health and pushing back the epidemic./.
Compiled by BTA