Mr. Kiang Elim, delegate of Papua New Guinea. (Photo: Khac Kien)
Reporter: Does Papua New Guinea present any initiatives to this meeting?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Yes, a number of initiatives were presented at the finance ministers process and economic committee meetings as well. So, specifically in the area of finance, financial inclusion and competition. So yes, we have presented some initiatives in this meeting.

Reporter: Can you tell us why your delegation presented these initiatives to the meeting?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Well, those are part of APEC’s agenda, and so APEC's objective is promoting trade and investment between and among economies, so the initiative that we presented is part of the broader APEC initiative agenda and following the APEC priorities as well.

Reporter: Can you tell us the specific content of one initiative of your delegation?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Ok, take financial inclusion, that's just an example. We are using, at the moment we have the second national financial inclusion strategy approved and we are now in the process of implementing it, and the purpose of that it is to try to allow small and medium enterprises to have access to finance so that they can run their business.

So that's one example that we are doing, and it was presented on the island there when the finance ministers process meeting took place on February 23rd-24th.

Reporter: Do you think that your initiative would be suitable for Vietnam?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Yes, I mean Vietnam has got a lot of small and medium enterprises, and access to finance is an issue, so we do hope that it will be set with Vietnam as well.

Reporter: Can you assess the preparation of Vietnam for this meeting?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Oh the preparations were ok, we don't have any problems and it was well organized.

Reporter: And what is your opinion of Nha Trang city?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Oh, Nha Trang is a peaceful place!

Reporter: When you go back to your country, do you want to tell your family, friends, and people in Papua New Guinea to come to visit Vietnam?

Mr. Kiang Elim: Well, to Nha Trang, this is something still on the table – I can still come back to Nha Trang at some point of time in the future.

Reporter: Thanks a lot!
Khac Kien